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Developing the mind, 
heart, and character
 to the glory of God

About Us

Grapeville Christian School
2416 County Route 26
Climax, NY 12042
Phone:(518) 966-5037
Grapeville Christian School: High Standards and a Christian Education

A little history: Grapeville Christian School was originally established by the Grapeville Baptist Church as an Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) school, where students worked at their own pace.

Accelerated Christian Education worked well for a small church starting a school because it operated with a small staff. It was a good way to start but Grapeville Baptist Church wanted something more, something better.

In an effort to provide a broader education, Grapeville became a Distance Learning school. Satellite lessons were broadcasted by Bob Jones University (BJU) Press. Eventually, school officials decided to adopt the BJU Press curriculum and establish a traditional school for members of the church community and for anyone from the surrounding area interested in providing a Christian faith-based education for their children, grades K through 12.

Grapeville Christian School is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. Through ACIS they compete with other schools at regional spelling bees, math contests and art competitions.

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