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Developing the mind, 
heart, and character
 to the glory of God

Character Education

Character Education

Character Education is an important part of every day at Grapeville Christian School.

At the elementary level teachers identify positive character traits in students and award them for one characteristic they exhibit the most. 

Whether it's being loving, helpful, thrifty, respectiful, humble, honest, truthful, sincere -- every student seems to exhibit one more than another.

"We let the kids be who they are and we observe that," said Miss Potter, who teaches grades 5 through 12. "We do teach morals and different character qualities and the students grow and develop around those teachings."

"We talk about character in all of our classes. Even in math there are bible verses. When you're doing a lesson about borrowing it will be accompanied by a Bible verse on the value of managing your money wisely. Because it's a Christian school the students are immersed in that."

Beta Club

Mrs. Lepage, who teaches science in grades 5 through 12, is the advisor for the Beta Club. The mission of the National Beta Club is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

Beta Club is committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, rewarding and nurturing worthy character, fostering leadership skills and encouraging service to others.

The National Beta Club has worked with over 7 million young people in grades 4-8 (Junior Beta Club) and grades 9-12 (Senior Beta Club). There are now more than 500,000 active members and more than 8,500 clubs nationally and internationally. Click here to find out more about the National Beta Club.